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Showcase English Academy

Affiliation and Memberships :

Oxfordoxford Students

This is a DEMO of what you could achieve with your listing.
Oxford is famous all over the world for being the home of one of the oldest and most respected universities in the world.
The city is situated at the joining of two rivers: the Cherwell and the Thames. As such, the city offers lots of opportunities for boating, punting, and pleasant riverside walks.
Oxford is a compact city, with most of the colleges and university buildings within easy walking distance of each other.
The amazing architecture of the 40+ colleges makes Oxford a beautiful place to explore, and there is also a vibrant culture apart from the university.
There are plenty of museums, cinemas, theatres and shops.
However, should you want more, London is a short train or coach ride away.

English Classes

This campus is a dedicated teacher training college. As such, it has excellent academic facilities. The classrooms are modern, spacious and bright. 
  • Oxford is accredited by the British Council.
  • Classes have a maximum of 16 students.
  • ESL teachers meet British Council UK guidelines, and have been chosen for their qualification, commitment, attitude and communicative ability.
  • Oxford has a Director of Studies (DoS) who manages the teachers and guarantees that the syllabus is maintained.
  • All DoS’s are English language professionals, recruited for their higher qualifications, extensive experience and suitability to managing large vacation programmes
  • Oxford has a syllabus and materials that ensure that students learn about topics that are interesting for them and relevant to their lives.
  • The syllabus is tied to the European Union’s Common European Framework.

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Our Reviews

Below are some reviews we have recieved.

by Sarah, Pennsylvania State University, State College, United States
History, Independent
Personal assessment
Couldn't have asked for more.
Pretty good.
Could've been better, but didn't lessen the overall experience.
Type of housing: Apartment/House
Arranged by: Host university
If returning, I would choose: Apartment/House
Why? I am lucky enough to have met wonderful people through living in a college-owned house. At Oxford the college is the centre of social life for most students and those living out are not as likely to be easily involved.
Personal comments:
St. Hugh's College houses graduate students in old Victorian homes around the perimeter of the college grounds. They are large, but many are in great need of significant renovations and repairs. The roommates have not been adjusted in a few years, so people with large rooms are often paying less than people with very small rooms


by necan, Stanford University, Stanford, United States
Political Science, University Agreement
Personal social experience
Amazing! Hardly had time to study.
Plenty to do when I had the time.
Did not get involved.
Describe host city: Student life dominates the city
Nightlife: Takes place mostly outside the university/student environment
Activities, Travel: Takes place both within and outside of the university/student environment
Personal comments:
We went to a pub called 'Thirst' a lot. (Well, when we had time in between our studies, which were very rigorous!) Also a club right across the way. The name, I forget. My apartment was right on High Street. There are lots of great shops along the way, if you're into that. Eat a cookie at 'Ben's Cookies' in the Covered Market -- they are ridiculously good. Go inside Christ Church if you can (it's closed to outside visitors). It's where 'Harry Potter' was filmed. Go to the college bops. I found the name funny at first, but I had a great time each time I went. Oxford is beautiful, but make sure you travel as much as you can. Scotland and Ireland are gorgeous.


by Diane, Buffalo State College, Buffalo, United States
Public Relations/Publicity/Advertising, University Agreement
My academic experiences
Quality of courses
Pretty good.
Could've been a bit better.
Variety of courses
Availability/access to resources
Interaction with teachers
Interaction with other international students
Interaction with local students
Course recommendations:
We were on a self-contained course, so didn't interact with others, outside of our research project (which included an interview project). This year I am going back with a different school, to a different Oxford college, and looking ford to seeing the differences, as the programs on set up differently. One of the pluses for this was that our professor arranged an "insider's tour" of the BBC radio.


My opinion of the university assessment
Exams at end of course
Liked it.
It was alright.
A bit annoying.
Didn't like it.
Exams throughout the course
Essays and/or projects at the end of course.
Essays and/or projects throughout the course
Personal comments:
I liked the readings, journal writings, interactive discussions,graduate project and field trips. It was not too taxing for a summer course, yet I learned alot, and luckily didn't need computer access.


by Diane, Buffalo State College, Buffalo, United States
Public Relations/Publicity/Advertising, University Agreement
Language difficulties
No problems.
I coped pretty well.
Sometimes it was difficult.
It was a constant struggle.
Administrative / Institutional
Language of instruction: English
Was learning English a key decision factor?
No, it wasn't.
Personal comments:
Our course was the study of language and communications, with special discussions about the similarities and differences between our countries. I learned alot,and enjoyed the research- all the tv, magazines, newspapers, radio, and ads that I could possibly want....


by amandadenny, San Jose State University, San Jose, United States
Literature, Independent
The accessibility of student needs
Second-hand text books
Very easy.
Minimal effort.
Accessible but required effort.
Almost impossible.
Second-hand household items
Computers / Internet
Money from home
Main source of funding:
Other sources of funding:
Personal savings
Work opportunities:
I didn't want/need to work
Personal spending habits:
Well, it's hard not to want to experience nearly everything when you're outside of your home country, so as a result, travel costs tripled! Try to watch eating out every day; it really adds up! Going to the grocery store/covered market and picking up breads and cheeses for the week saved a lot of money.
Food, Travel, Overall, Telephone: was more expensive than at home.
Nightlife: was the same price as at home.
Housing: was less expensive than at home.
Personal comments:
It's also easy to be free with the plastic, so I'd recommend withdrawing a fixed amount of cash each week from a cash dispenser and trying to only spend that much (so very hard to do, but possible).


by aimee929, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, United States
Literature, University Agreement
Important to choosing this university...
Academic reasons
Very Important.
Not really important.
Campus life
Party / people
Weather / Location
I wish I had known...
The program hosts approximately 35-40 American students each year, and we really only work with one another academically. I wish there had been more opportunity to interact with international students. We were obviously separated from other international students, and this made it more difficult to know any of them.
In my opinion:
Everybody loved it, you will too!


During my experience abroad, I ...
Became familiar with another culture
Happened all the time.
Happened quite a lot.
Happened a bit.
Didn't happen.
Improved language skills
Met people from other countries
Became more independent
Partied a lot
Experienced a change in life
Advanced my studies/career
Personal recommendation:
Oxford is stunning; St. Anne's is one of the newer colleges, and while it does not have the history of some, it provided adequate accomodations. See as much of Oxford and its other colleges as possible-- don't just stay at St. Anne's!



I had wanted to study abroad, but did not feel a semester program was right for me. Attending a summer study abroad program was perfect for me. It definitely strengthened my academics, and it gave me more independence than I had ever known before. The experience was life-changing for me, and I recommend it to anyone who has a great interest in English history and literature. You must be willing to work, but the work pays off. Overall, Oxford was a beautiful and welcoming city. I cannot wait to go back to the country I now consider a part of me.

Our latest Press Releases and News

Oxford Handbooks Online titles now available at our School


We are pleased to announce that our school now provides access to 25 subject modules from Oxford Handbooks Online.


Our School now subscribes to Oxford Handbooks Onlinetitles in the following subject areas:English


Oxford Handbooks Online (OHO)is a collection of the most prestigious and successful strands of Oxford's scholarly publishing, bringing together the world's leading scholars to write review essays that evaluate the current thinking on a field or topic and make an original argument about the future direction of the debate. Monthly updates introduce articles in advance of print publication and online-only content ensures the most current, authoritative coverage anywhere.


An Editor in Chief and Editorial Board of leading scholars in each subject area have additionally been appointed to guide editorial development and ensure that scholarship meets the highest standards for academic quality. This team of leading scholars will commission online-only peer reviewed articles expanding research in cutting edge topics and ensuring comprehensive coverage of fast-moving disciplines.


User benefits

  • An Editor in Chief and Editorial Board of subject experts ensure accuracy, authority, and objectivity

  • Articles publish online immediately upon passing through Oxford's peer review process in advance of print

  • Intuitive interface, sophisticated functionality, and new user tools provide a faster, more accurate research experience

  • Personalization features allow researchers to build a personal archive of articles, searches, citations, and preferences which can be shared using a host of integrated social media tools

  • Abstracts and keywords at the Handbook and article level make it easier for users to find exactly the content they need, saving valuable time

  • New articles to be added monthly across all subject areas


Start using Oxford Handbooks Onlinetoday at: http://www.oxfordhandbooks.com/


For further information please contact:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

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